Stay-at-home mom invents Changeable Chewables

OAKVILLE, Mo. - A lot of us dream of inventing something, but turning an idea into reality is a different story; a stay-at-home mom in Okaville is living her dream.

Christina Hanna's patent-pending product is Changeable Chewables. It's a teething necklace that can pull apart to convert into a smaller necklace and bracelet. She says the break-away clasp also helps in reducing strangulation. A child can chew on the necklace to help stimulate their gums and help ease their pain

Hanna turned the idea into a product with the help of a family member who is experienced with inventions and patents. In just a month, she went from thinking of the idea to finding a manufacturer and having the finished product. She sells it online and now has the interest of a major retailer.

"I had Babies R US come up to me at the baby expo, and a lady I met actually contacted corporate and she wants them in her store and she said, if it were up to her, she'd have them on the shelves now," Hanna said.

She's sold 168 Changeable Chewable teething necklaces thus far, but if Baby's R Us does pick her line up, she's ready and able to fill a large order. By the way, she says the necklace is great for children with developmental delays and sensory delays.

For more information visit the Changeable Chewables web site.


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