Students stuck in elevator at school

WASHINGTON PARK, Ill. - Some parents are angry after their children were trapped in a crowded elevator. It happened at Avant Elementary School in Washington Park, Ill. around 5:30 p.m. during an after-school program.

Sixteen people in all were stuck in the elevator; two adults and 14 kids.

One parent shared some camera phone video exclusively with us. It shows firefighters helping the kids out of the elevator. It got stuck between the second and first floors as the group was trying to get to the bottom.

It was about an hour and ten minutes before the kids got out, and it wasn't an easy task. Firefighters had to use the "jaws of life" to pry the doors apart.

At some point during that time, the elevator company turned off the power, cutting off air in the cramped car.

Parents NewsChannel 5 talked to are angry it took so long and they believe having so many people on the elevator played a part in it stopping.

"It's too hot up in there, there wasn't no air, like that's ridiculous," said Jaumeshea Allen. "They don't have the right keys or anything."

That mom is talking about the school janitor who she claims could not control the elevator. The principal says it's not clear yet what the problem was.

None of the 16 passengers was hurt.


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