Tax money stolen from Walmart Money Card customer

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Scammers allegedly stole a St. Louis woman's tax refund off of her Walmart Money Card.

Julia Johnson claims someone got her money card info and used it to spend more than $2,300. She says think twice before coming here to put any more money on your card.

She's used a Walmart Money Card for two years.

"It's $3 to load money on there, and I cash my check at Walmart so they don't charge me an additional fee to load it on there," she said.

She tells us she uses it anywhere Visa is accepted. Last month, she had her tax refund loaded onto it. But on Saturday, she found out someone had spent most of that money, and it wasn't her. So she called the number on the card.

"When I spoke to the customer service representative, they informed me that there were transactions taken out, one at a Food Lion store in Maryland of $1,931," Johnson said.

And there was an ATM withdrawal for more than $380. Plus a few small transactions.

"I planned on paying part of my rent with it, paying months up front so I can get ahead, and now I can't do any of that," she said.

A Walmart spokesperson tells us there's no data breach in their system, and the card info could have been stolen from anywhere. She says anyone who thinks their card has been compromised needs to report it as soon as they know there's a problem so they can verify fraud and get you your money back. Chris Thetford with the Better Business Bureau echoes that advice.

"If you're a consumer who has a Walmart card and you think potentially your account has been hacked because you've seen activity that is not your's on the card, you need to notify Walmart immediately so you can invoke protections Walmart is saying it's giving to consumers," Thetford said.

Julia Johnson has a warning for anyone using this card.

"If you're going to use a Walmart Money Card, do not load a bunch of money on there."

A Walmart spokesperson tells us they called the company that handles the money for the cards, Green-Dot-Money Pack. They were already in the process of issuing Johnson a new card with the full amount. After our call, they expedited that new card and will overnight it. So she should have her money by Thursday.


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