Teacher retiring after 60 years in same school

ST. CHARLES, Mo. - For some teachers the end of the school year means the end of a career, retirement.

One teacher's retirement in St. Charles is pretty unique.

Sometimes when a student has a conversation with the high school principal, it ends badly for the student. For Marcella Boerding, that conversation changed her life, and the 78-year-old teacher paid it forward 2,000 times.

Most of us spend only a handful of years at our alma mater. Not Miss Boerding.

"She came here for school and she got used to it and then she decided to work here," said Jackson Kuehler.

That's the short version of how Marcella Boerding spent much of her life teaching at a Catholic school in St. Charles.

"Not really a job. It's something I really liked to do," said Miss Boerdin.

Retiring after 60 years of teaching at St. Peter School is remarkable enough, but Miss Boerding also attended grade school and high school here, making it 72 years at the same school.

"I consider it a real blessing," said Miss Boerding.

Reporter: "And why is that?"

"Because I've had so many happy times here," she said.

Just months from high school graduation, a conversation that changed her life.

"The principal asked me if I thought I would like to teach in the elementary school. At that time there was a shortage of teachers," said Miss Boerding.

According to the kids in Room 9, Miss Boerding gets straight As as a teacher.

"Whenever we play bingo even if we don't win, we get a prize," said Taylor Ross.

Reporter: "what kind of prizes."

"Toys, keychains, pencils," said Drew Luthenauer.

After six decades and an estimated 2,000 students, Miss Boerding says was on her side

"When I think back it doesn't seem long at all," she said. "And I hope there was some impact on the students."

The classroom where Miss Boerding teaches is the same classroom she sat in as a second grader. The principal has asked her to volunteer two days a week next year, so she'll just be be semi-retired.

Or as Boerding puts it, "They can't get rid of me here."


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