Teen recovering after violent attack

Cheyenne was shot in the neck six weeks ago and is making a remarkable recovery.

A Soulard teen recovering from a brutal attack is making a miraculous recovery.

The seventeen year old teen survived being shot in the neck and getting into a serious car crash- all in just a span of a few minutes.
Six weeks ago, while in a Loves gas station parking lot with friends, Cheyanne Lewis came face to face with a stranger and gun.

"We made eye contact and my eyes got really big. We pulled off and then he shot through the back window and it shattered," said Lewis.

Lewis was struck in the neck, and just moments later, the car she and her friends were in crashed into a ditch as they were making their escape.
The events of that night left Lewis paralyzed.

"The bullet is still in her, and she also suffered a kidney laceration," said Sabrina Lewis, Cheyanne's Mother.

Recovering from a spinal injury like Cheyanne's could take more than a year in some cases. But her family says her recovery has gone better than anyone could expect.

"She's been able to walk with a cane, or walk with assistance. Yesterday she flexed her foot up. so every day something is happening to her," said Sabrina.

But beyond the recovery, Sabrina hopes her daughter will make bigger strides into the community...

"I would like her to tell her story- that God is still a healer and explain to other kids 'listen to your mom'," said Sabrina.

Meantime, the man who shot Lewis is still on the loose.

"Someone saw this and if it was your family, you'd like for someone to speak out because the person who got away with this, will do it again," said Sabrina.

A GOFUNDME site has been set up to help with the teens medical bills. Find it here: https://www.gofundme.com/2kpaay3s?ssid=738654815&pos=1



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