Touring a facility open to undocumented kids

ST. LOUIS - The road is paved with homes on either side. It looks residential. Until you come to the end of it. It ends at a brick borders around a facility that looks down on the river and is surrounded by greenery.

This is the Marygrove Residential Treatment Center. Homeless, abused, foster care children live here in some of the buildings. Holy women live in another one.

Soon undocumented children most from Central America could live here, too.

Cameras usually don't get to come inside because of the sensitive nature of the population, but Sister Helen Negri, Marygrove center director, gave exclusive access inside. Sister Helen asked the aging nuns to move.

Sister Helen said the children will get food, clothes, health insurance, and they'll get to learn. Great Circle will send teachers to Marygrove to teach the kids. The undocumented children will get to talk to other children from the center. They'll make new friends in the 30 or so days they'll stay there until the government finds the relatives the children came to reunite with.


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