Warren County renters encounter roaches, mold, mushrooms

WARREN COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - Mold in the cabinets, roach infestations and even mushrooms growing in the floor. Those are just some of the problems tenants in Warren County say they're dealing with inside their homes. And they say their landlord won't fix the problems or return their deposits.

Now, Five on Your Side is working to get that money back.

When Kelly and Dwayne Thies saw a four bedroom mobile home posted on Craigslist in May, it seemed like a good fit for their family.

"Just thought it was going to be easier being closer to my job and a little bit easier, more out in the country for the kids. But instead it's turned into a nightmare," Kelly Thies said.

Kelly and Dwayne put down nearly $700 as a deposit and they've got the receipts to prove it. They knew the house needed work, but they say once they saw the conditions inside, this deal was off.

Kelly showed Five on Your Side pictures of exposed electrical outlets and a broken light fixture, what looks like mold growing under a bathroom sink and an oven and dishwasher covered in filth.

"He assured us he would get the place clean, get rid of the bugs and make it livable. Well, as time's gone on it's not happening," Kelly said.

Another tenant of the same landlord posted a picture of what looks like mushrooms growing from a crack in the tub. She also says the landlord won't help.

Kelly and Dwayne say they never moved into the home after paying the deposit.

When asked what they want, Dwayne Thies said, "I just want my money back."

But they say landlord Chris Dempsey has refused. It's gotten to the point Kelly and Dwayne have filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office.

"People can't live there, not with kids. Even adults can't live there. It's not safe," said Kelly.

During a phone conversation Sunday Chris Dempsey told Five on Your Side this whole thing will be resolved.

"I have 30 days to return any money. That's Missouri state law," Dempsey said.

When asked if he plans to return the Thies' deposit Dempsey answered, "Yeah, and we told them that. But now it's turned into a whole big thing."

Dempsey also said the home is clean and livable now and he's rented it to another tenant.

Five on your Side will follow this story to make sure Dempsey keeps his promise.

If you've got a problem and can't get results call Five on Your Side at 314-444-5231.


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