Make sure your generators are properly ventilated

St. Louis (KSDK) – With temperatures expected to drop below zero as a winter storm moves in this weekend, outages are not out of the question. If that does happen, many people may decide to use a generator. So, the St. Louis Fire Department is reminding people to make sure those generators are properly ventilated.

Firefighters say when the power goes out, they sometimes do have to respond to calls for carbon monoxide poisoning. That's because some people put their generator in the basement of their home so it won't get stolen. And occasionally, they don't think about the fact that it's putting out the potentially deadly gas.

"When you're running a generator, chances are your power's been cut, you don't have your normal utilities. So survival mode more or less kicks in. So you're running it with purpose, you're attempting to stay warm, so it may not be the first thought that, hey you know what, this is going to produce carbon monoxide which is harmful," said St. Louis Fire Capt. Garon Mosby.

Carbon monoxide poisoning begins by causing flu-like symptoms, so residents are urged to watch out for that. Everyone should also make sure they have carbon monoxide detectors working properly in their homes.


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