Man finds God slicing eggplant

BATON ROUGE, La. - In Louisiana, a cook says he got some heavenly encouragement in the form of an eggplant. Don't believe it? See for yourself.

It's lunchtime at Gino's Italian Family Restaurant in Baton Rouge, and as these cooks prepare for today's menu, they can't stop talking about what happened Monday.

"Everybody's been like 'Wow that's amazing,'" said Chef Jemarcus Brady.

"It" being what some may call, a message from heaven. Brady is responsible for, among other things, cutting, salting and sautéing eggplants.

"Normal day, nothing out the routine, nothing," said Brady.

But then he had what some might call an epiphany when he noticed something different in one eggplant.

"When you sliced into it, the pattern showed from the seeds that were forming in the inside the letters G-O-D as God. I couldn't think of anything. I just had to tell somebody to come look at it," said Brady.

He says he's no stranger to life's struggles and his faith has gotten him through. He raised four kids on a limited income before becoming a cook, and he says the significance of the rare eggplant seeds aren't lost on him.

"Through the whole road he's showing me that 'hey I'm real' and that's the only thing you can depend on," said Brady.

And in the restaurant business for nearly 50 years, the restaurants co-owner Gino Marino says with a find this rare, it's something he'll never forget.

"You could cut a million eggplants and you'd probably never see that again, it's that rare. God is within us and he has different ways of showing it within our lives and this is maybe one of 'em," said Marino.

So is it divine intervention? It doesn't really matter to Brady.

"I don't know what it means. All I know it just tells me that 'hey, he real and nothing else can change my mind about that," said Brady.


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