Man pictured with knife in back speaks

NEW YORK - A New York stabbing victim says he's grateful to be alive. The 53-year-old man shocked customers at a McDonald's Tuesday when he walked in with a large kitchen knife sticking out of his back.

He says he got caught in the middle of a fight.

"I didn't get lucky. I'm blessed," said Andrew Hardy.

Hardy wouldn't show us his face, but he talked to us through his door. He's the man in the now-famous cell phone picture with a knife sticking out of his back. He was stabbed on this street in Jamaica, Queens, but managed to walk and talk in the minutes before paramedics arrived.

"It didn't hit anything fortunately. It probably hit my shoulder blade and that probably was the extent of it and blade went sort of upwards so it looked like it was deeper than it actually was," said Hardy.

Hardy says the fight was happening at the corner of Archer and Sutphin Boulevard around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. Hardy claims someone lunged at him, he punched back, and then a knife was put in his back.

He then walked half a block to a McDonalds where he picked up his phone and called his daughter.

"I knew if I would've panicked I probably would've started bleeding more. So I kept my cool and talked to my daughter, well tried to explain to my daughter what happened," said Hardy.

Police are now investigating the fight, allegedly involving four people. Hardy was the only one injured. Police say they expect to make an arrest in this stabbing.

Hardy was released from the hospital Tuesday and is now dealing with the after-effects of this incredible injury.

"It came close to hitting my lung, one of my lungs, but I was fortunate enough that didn't happen. But I'm in pain simply because metal hit my bones," said Hardy.

A close call and a frightening sight that police plan to probe to find out exactly what led to this.


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