Missouri Sen. launches anti-gay bill inspired by Arizona's

Missouri is the latest state to try to introduce an anti-gay bill.

It was inspired by Arizona's anti-gay bill.

Business owners couldn't be sued if they didn't serve a gay or lesbian like Robert Brown.

"Is it fair for gays and lesbians to refuse service to heterosexuals? What's the next law they're going to pass? That we're going to sit in the back of the bus?" Brown said.

He's also a small businessman. He has his own photography business. He said the bill is bad for business. He said same-sex people have money and they want to spend it. He's benefited from their dollars. He takes pictures of their weddings, their children, family portraits and events.

"I don't discriminate against any one," he said.

Ed Martin said "photographers, bakers in Arizona are saying I don't want to participate and being sued".

He wants Missouri's version of the anti-gay bill to pass. He said business owners deserve the protection for their religious freedom.

"This is an assault on people's religious liberty," he said.

He also said "some bills are filed to see where the state is in terms of public policy,".

He agrees it would be tough to pass in Missouri, because the governor wouldn't sign it.

Senator Wayne Wallingford introduced the bill today. It's still very early. It hasn't even been assigned to go to a committee yet.


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