Mom shoplifts, leaves kids behind

DELAND, Fla. - Most parents shop with their kids and leave with their kids.

But apparently not 26-year-old Rebecca Stoltz who went from petty shoplifting to sitting in jail for serious charges like child abuse.

Police say Stoltz went shopping at this Walmart with her 6-year-old daughter and 9-year-old step daughter.

But when she tried stealing $44 of clothes, she got caught by security.

But in the panic of getting caught shoplifting, police say Stoltz ran from the store and left her kids behind.

Laura Enoch, a shopper, said, "Wow that's wrong. In my opinion, she doesn't need to have children."

Patrick mills, another shopper, said, "Just the worst thing you could ever do. To just steal and then leave them. Honestly, that's not even thinking about your children, you're not doing it for your children obviously if you're just going to leave them in the store."

Police say security found the girls and they were both "clearly distressed and very emotional and both were crying."

With police hunting her down, it's clear mom knew what she did because she told a friend to go pick them up.

Randy Nye, a shopper, said, "Is there an excuse for her at all? I don't see one. How can you forget? Forget what, your children? Forget you're in front of your children, or forget you're setting a bad example for your children. It's just no way to behave."

The friend who came to get the kids gave police a number to call the mother.

When she finally came back to the Walmart, she turned herself over to police.


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