Thousands of blue jellyfish wash ashore

DEL MAR, Calif. - Thousands of mysterious, bright blue sea creatures washing up along California beaches have made their way to San Diego. The sapphire-hued, look like tiny jellyfish and are floating ashore in Del Mar.

Hurricanes off the coast of Mexico are creating extremely warm water and bringing in unexpected guests relatively rare, deep blue jellyfish.

"The scientific name is Valella valella, and they are a small jellyfish related to Portuguese Men at War," said Lt. John Edlbrock.

Yes, related to the Portuguese Men of War, and some beachgoers are wondering why the beaches are still open. And while you can pick these jellyfish up and they're not supposed to be able to sting you, we've heard other reactions.

"I got stung, my friend shoved it into my arm," said Torni Pines Junior.

Junior says she had a slight rash for a few minutes. And she believe the tiny tentacles on the Valella valella used for stinging plankton are the reason for the mild reaction.

And while the jellyfish aren't posing any real threat the public, heavy surf is expected to hit the coast, over the next few days with waves to be 7-feet by Sunday.


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