Not your average 100-year-old: she's bringing the pain

Lewis Turner reports 9/8/16

PALM COAST, Fla. -- Bea Hornby was 23-years-old when World War II began. 

She grew up on construction sites run by her father in New Jersey, and knew how to read blue prints.

"So I went to work in a shipyard," Hornby said, becoming a real-life Rosie The Riveter. "Well, I never really riveted anything though. I did all the electrical work on the ships."

She did a critical job during the war, helping to build and fix ships that would go on to fight in the Pacific. She says it was her way to support the troops then.

"I saw it this way: If I was doing that job, it meant someone else could be over there fighting."

She just turned 100-years-old, and to this day she's still supporting veterans. Three days a week she teaches an aerobics class at the Palm Coast V.F.W. Post 8696.

"She's murder," said Betsy Klitch, one of Bea's students.

A visit to one of her sessions proved a couple of things: Staying active can keep you alive and if you're not careful, one of her classes may kill you.

"She doesn't take it easy on any of us," Klitch said. "She is really rough."

Bea has taught the class since 2009, and says pushing her students, who range in age from 50 to 80, will keep them going longer.

"It's what worked for me," she said. "I"ve been exercising since I was a little girl and it's definitely why I'm still here today."

But she's not just "here," simply existing as a 100-year-old, one of her 90 minute classes proves that she's extremely fit, and still living life to the fullest.

"Oh this is so important to me," she said. "This is my life."


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