Ohio woman legally changes name to Sexy

It only took five minutes Tuesday for Sheila Crabtree to die and be reborn Sexy.

"I just feel so much better that I'm not burdened with an ugly name anymore," the 41-year-old Pataskala, Ohio, resident said after a judge approved the change.

She pronounced her new name "awesome."

"Sexy really suits my personality. I like to have a lot of fun and be adventurous and just live life to the fullest," she told our Gannett colleagues at the Newark Advocate. "I decided, 'Hey, Sexy works for me.' "

Crabtree's two teenage daughters are OK with the new nom de mom, as is her husband.

But why the name-calling over Sheila?

"I absolutely hated my first name with a passion," she said, explaining that besides sounding ugly it was a reminder of her unhappy childhood. "It did not suit me, and I just did not feel like it was meant for me."

A change had been on Crabtree's mind for about a decade. If the judge had balked at her desired moniker, she had two backups — Sinder (think "Cinderella") and Sparkle.

Since her teens, Crabtree has used her middle name, Ranea, which she still plans to use most of the time.

She'll just be Sexy when she's in the mood.


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