Openly gay teen voted prom queen

DANBURY, Conn. (WABC) - Nasir Fleming did not nominate himself for prom queen, his classmates did. They've known he was gay since he was 12.

"When you knew you were straight, I knew I was gay, that's what I like to say to people," he said. "When I originally got nominated, at first thought it was a joke, 'oh let's just nominate the gay kid to be prom king because let's feed into homosexual stereotypes.' And even if that is the case, which I don't think it is, I think I've successfully turned that around."

When Nasir is not here at high school, he is working. He works all the time in food service at the hospital. He's the guy who takes peoples' orders and fills them door to door. And he says as unexpected and crazy as his life is right now, he has definite, specific plans for his future.

"I want your job actually, so this is perfect experience," he said.

And what about the girls who lost their chance?

"They are upset about it, but I didn't vote for myself, the people nominated me and they voted for me. It's usually the very popular, Caucasian, affluent girls who win this title, so I was surprised that some brown (that's not you sweetie!) no that's not me, some brown, black, curly haired, Hispanic boy (purple hair) purple hair now.

What about the other kids at school?

"Thirty percent definite no problem, maybe another 25 percent OK that's cool and then the rest -- no ain't happening."

To other kids like him he says be kind, be strong and authentic, and he credits Lady Gaga with reminding him he was born this way.

"So hopefully she sees this interview."


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