Police find thief passed out in ceiling

ANDOVER, Mass. - Police in a northern Massachusetts town nabbed a would-be thief after they say he fell asleep during a convenience store heist.

Justin Roeger was still looking a little sleepy hours after police found him out of it in a Richdale Farms store.

"He was unresponsive to verbal commands and at first, officers feared that he may be deceased," said an official.

It was obvious they had a break here, first the door was all messed up, they fixed that in the meantime. And then when they started looking inside, first they didn't find anybody, but up there in the ceiling tiles, that's where they found their guy.

"His actions, I don't know. It's indescribable," said his father, John Roeger.

While Roeger's father seems baffled, his brother says there are issues with alcohol.

"Drunk, I guess. Just needs to stay away from the booze, you know?" said his brother, Adam Dian.

"Inside of the convenience store officers were able to find a gray and red backpack that was stuffed with lottery tickets that had been taken out of a display case in the store," said an official.

He could have bolted, but after all the effort, Justin Roeger just ran out of gas.

"Sometimes the booze just does the walking and the talking, you know?" said Dian.

Worried that the suspect might be electrocuted in the wires in the ceiling, police ordered the power turned off. By then their suspect was already powerless, legless, and pretty much clueless.


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