Chuck Todd talks about White House transparency

WASHINGTON - Our very own Mike Bush talked with the president about the Affordable Care Act, among other things, just last week.

When President Obama was a senator, Mike Bush spoke to him about government transparency, and Obama expressed how important it was. On his first day in the White House he promised transparency, but a recent Associated Press study found that this White House may be the least transparent in American history.

Bush spoke to NBC Chief White House correspondent, Chuck Todd, about transparency during his recent trip to Washington.

"I've always said that it's funny the way White House's act, the minute they get into that West Wing it is all about trying to control, control, control. They are no different than Bush. Bush was no different than Clinton, and I can go so on. Each White House tries to me more controlling than the previous one. It's been regardless of party and this White House is no different. They always take that transparency thing with a sting because they do certain things like giving us the visitors' logs. Alright that's something no White House had ever done but the access to him he doesn't take a shot at questions, you don't see him a lot, he doesn't interact with the day to day press corps. We in television get more access to him because we're television but for the Associated Press and for newspaper reporters they don't get the same level of access to this president as they did to previous presidents and I think that's where there's this perception that's fair that they keep a distance from the day to day media," said Todd.

Of course they will tell you the reason they have denied and delayed more Freedom of Information Act requests is national security but some are skeptical.


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