County executive candidates to meet

FERGUSON, Mo. - The most vicious primary in the state just got even nastier. In the race for St. Louis County Executive, Charlie Dooley released an explosive new ad Wednesday morning against Steve Stenger, who quickly fired back.

The two will meet Wednesday night as the League of Women Voters holds a candidates forum. It all sounds very civilized but meld this backdrop with a new Dooley campaign ad that you're about to see, and things could get interesting.

"Dozens forced into prostitution, beaten if they violated rules, but Steve Stenger represented a prostitution kingpin who sold women into slavery," said a spokesperson for Dooley's campaign.

The Charlie Dooley campaign called a news conference Wednesday morning to unveil the new ad, but because of a scheduling conflict, Dooley couldn't make it.

Stenger called his own news conference and he was joined by former U.S. Senator Jean Carnahan, wife of the late governor, Mel Carnahan.

"This is really an over-the-top despicable ad, that's based in neither fact. It's stranger than fiction," said Stenger.

A court appointed Stenger and nine other attorneys in 2,000 to defend Evans and his sex slave ring.

The Dooley campaign said Stenger blamed the victim by saying it was a lifestyle they chose.

"Defending a client is understandable nobody argues with that. But the tactics he used is indefensible and personally I find it repugnant," said Dooley's campaign spokesperson.

"I'm very glad to be here with Steve to fight back this very wrong and despicable charge," said Carnahan.

By the way, they guy Stenger represented got 33 years in prison. Members of the ring were represented not only by Stenger by people who are now judges, former circuit attorneys, and a drug commissioner.

On Thursday, Stenger's campaign released a response ad accusing Dooley of turning victims of abuse away from shelters.


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