Dooley: Jamestown Mall will never be a mall again

ST. LOUIS COUNTY - St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley hosted a town hall meeting Monday night to talk about the future of Jamestown Mall in Florissant.

Jamestown Mall is closed, and Dooley says it will never be a mall again.

"I think we all understood that but there are some possibilities of mix use. We have never given up on moving this forward. We had to wait until the economy changed and moved forward," he said.

The county is looking to blight the property and move forward with a plan for mixed-use with housing, offices and retail buildings. Dooley says the county economy is moving in the right direction, but his opponent in the Democratic primary says the opposite.

A perfect example of that, Steve Stenger says, is when Google's ultra-fast fiber network passed on St. Louis.

"That's a real loss for our region and for our county. And that type of corporate infrastructure is the type of corporate infrastructure we're going to need to have in order to bring businesses that are part of our new economy to St. Louis County," said Stenger.

Stenger says one of his first priorities will be to get these ultra-fast data transmission lines from Google or someone else to help lure new businesses to the county.


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