Random acts of kindness performed for #KindnessforCorey

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (WTAE) - Random acts of kindness are sweeping the nation in honor of a Pennsylvania man who died last year.

My mom had the idea.

To turn the worst experience of their lives into something fruitful.

"My brother was a very kind hearted, very generous, he might not have $2 in his pocket, but he would've given you everything he had," Kara Ratai said.

This family, these friends find comfort in 17 simple characters.

Seventeen characters that carry more meaning and touched more people than we can count.

I was speechless I was like, "Oh my goodness how does this even happen?"

Via skype from Somerset, Balee Wahl tells us about the $50 tip she received on a $32 bill.

It had the hashtag "Kindness for corey."

So she looked it up and found the story behind it.

Corey Moximchalk was killed in a horrific car accident on March 9, 2013 in Mount Pleasant.

For this family to get past the first anniversary of his death, they asked for random acts of kindness.

When you do the act, share the hashtag and post your story to the Facebook page.

"I think he bought a couple buckets of golf balls for kids at a driving range, which is right up Corey's alley, That's perfect. That's something Corey would do," friend Brynn Matthews said.

People are spreading the kindness in all sorts of ways.

One woman decided to take homemade dog treats to the local dog park.

So not even for people, for dogs! It's just wonderful that people are taking time to think of others.

Corey's friends have watched the kindness spread as far as Oregon.

Close to home at Brady's restaurant in Acme, they heard about a customer who paid for three people's bills.

His only request was to write on the slips kindness for Corey and tell them someone had paid for them. So he covered their checks and left a pretty good tip on his way out.

It doesn't take much to be kind.

Corey's 5-year-old niece could tell you that.

She took hot chocolate to her teachers.

If you could say one thing to your Uncle Corey what would you tell him?

"I love you."

We all would. We miss him.

So pay it forward - you never know how far a little kindness will get you.


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