Report: Mo. and Ill. could withstand a zombie apocalypse

KSDK – In the event that a hoard of brain-guzzling walking dead descend upon the bi-state area, wreaking havoc upon society as we know it and enveloping the world in turmoil, there's a glimmer of hope: Missouri and Illinois are actually quite equipped to handle a zombie apocalypse, thank you very much.

That's according to real estate blog Estately, which released a Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Rankings list. Let's be honest: it's not necessarily scientific, but it's pretty funny.

Their report factored in 11 metrics that presumably gauge whether an area can handle an onslaught of the undead, from the percentage of veterans and active military personnel to survivalists to those well-versed in the martial arts to laser tag enthusiasts. Obesity was also considered, with the logic being that the obese would struggle to run away from zombies (they may have borrowed the idea from "Zombieland...")

In a result that's probably no shock to most, those rugged folks in Alaska are the most ready for a zombie apocalypse, with Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico rounding out the rest of the top five.

Illinois was ranked No. 20, scoring well in the number of Ironman competitors, gun owners, laser tag enthusiasts and the physically active per capita.

Missouri was two spots below at No. 22, with residents scoring well in martial arts skills, gun ownership and survival instincts.

The blog says the top 25 states would probably survive a zombie apocalypse, even though southern Missouri might have some difficulty, since it's flanked by the soon to be zombie-ridden territories of Arkansas and Tennessee.

New Jersey, Mississippi, the District of Columbia, New York and Georgia were ranked the least prepared for a zombie apocalypse.

The real thing you should get from this, admittedly goofy, ranking system? It's probably time to play more laser tag.

Read the full report here:


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