Six-month-old baby stars in workout video as instructor

(CNN) - So long Richard Simmons. Fond as we are of the Jane Fonda workout, today we're doing the Lilly Ann workout. Even if Lilly Ann the instructor is only 6, going on 7 months.

This Tennessee baby's workout has over half a million reps on YouTube.

"And she does them all the time. You put her on the ground and she's up, then down and she's making those little sweet noises and we just love it," Lilly Ann's dad, Michael Stansbury said.

Stansbury and his wife have four kids. But it's their youngest who's burning up the Internet with her exercise routine. Call them pushups or planks or yoga cobras, whatever you call them, Lilly Ann does eight of them.

Staring into the iPad that's recording them, so dad can mimic his daughter.

Already fans are raving about the results they've gotten with the Lilly Ann workout.

"I lost 10 pounds just watching this," one review wrote

"I cannot verify that," Stansbury said.

If nothing else "this baby inspired workout will strengthen your awww muscles."

With muscles like those at almost 7 months, next thing you know she'll be weightlifting.

And though Lilly Ann's workout is over in a mere minute and a half, never fear, coming soon, the Lilly Ann workout, part two.


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