SLU students hold vigil after "Nazi's Rule" message discovered

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Students at St. Louis University are standing up against racism. Two acts of hate in just two weeks have rallied both grads and undergrads.

Students attending the vigil say they are done. They will not put up with what's been going on on their campus, describing the acts as despicable and disgusting.

"It made me feel unsafe on this campus," student Sarah Nash said.

Almost two weeks ago, Nash walked out of her dorm building to find this.

Candles, that had been used when a boy asked a girl out, now placed in the shape of a swastika.

Students at an anti-hate vigil say they are affected, one way or another.

"Through my roommate, because he's Jewish, I don't feel personally affected, but it hurts to know that he has to face that," said student Derek Nguyen.

Now a second incident, over the weekend inside the Busch Student Center after a concert.

"Someone walked back into the auditorium and on the big screen was projected a very hateful message," student Nate Van-Haute said.

The message, too hateful to show you, started with "Nazi's rule!" and targeted minorities.

"As someone of a minority I can understand where those who were targeted come from," says student Zari Rhodes.

Hundreds of students filled Clocktower Plaza Sunday night, coming together in peace and hoping to show campus officials, they will not let this slide.

"The fear of it being swept under the run by the university," Nash said.

Campus officials say they believe they have identified the students responsible for making the swastika and a disciplinary hearing is set for them.

The harshest punishment? Being kicked out of school.

"Anytime it's an act of hate, hate speech, an act that hurts other students or hurts the community the sanctions are going to be pretty serious," said Kent Porterfield, vice president of Student Development.

He says they are still investigating this weekend's incident, but they do have surveillance video which should help.


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