Someone targeting kids with razor blades

SAN DIEGO - In San Diego police say someone placed 19 razor blades in the grass of a popular playground. Two children have already been hurt.

San Diego police say they've searched this grass thoroughly and it's safe to play in. The playground behind me is closed for routine maintenance. But there's no telling when or if they'll do this again.

Little Macey and her friends are making a sandcastle. Right in mom Natalie Robinson's eyesight. They come to Bonita Cove all the time.

Police are still looking for the person who purposefully left 19 razor blades sticking up out of the grass. Those blades cut these two children Wednesday night. Police searched dumpsters and the rest of the park Thursday.

What's worse, this is the third time razor blades have been found in the same place.

San Diego police lieutenant Kevin Mayer says adding surveillance cameras are a consideration but they don't want to tip their hand to the bad guys. They've collected DNA evidence before but haven't been able to link it to anyone yet.

"We're searching for witnesses, if there's any video in the area, anyone who might have a cell phone picture," said Mayer.

As for Macey and her friends, they'll stay near the water. Away from the grass.


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