Soundbar told to cease operations indefinitely

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - We have new information about a north St. Louis County night club that was shut down after a Memorial Day weekend party gone wrong.

We've learned that the county has ordered Soundbar to cease operations indefinitely.

Video posted to social media sites led police to investigate Soundbar, which sits on the corner of West Florissant and New Halls Ferry. Rapper, Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell hosted a 90s party, where he was accused of encouraging women to perform sex acts on stage.

"We cater to an older crowd that just wants to enjoy themselves after working and go home," manager Robert Hughes said. "So that definitely does not depict what Soundbar is about."

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Hughes tells us they kicked him out when they realized what was happening. Campbell's response: that the club owner threw him under the bus because he's afraid of losing his liquor license.

"Our County Counselor's office has drawn up a letter working with the Department of Revenue, and they will notify the owners of the charges that they allegedly committed, those breaches," county spokesperson Pat Washington said.

The liquor license is just one of Soundbar's issues with the county.

"Initially it said it was the square footage that got us shut down. As far as we're concerned, that building has not added on or anything. It's been the same business for 25 years," Hughes said.

"The zoning requirements for where the Soundbar is now allows them to have a license for a bar. But they are operating as a nightclub. And that is not allowed," Pat Washington said.

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Robert Hughes says this whole situation has done some serious damage to the club's reputation, their bottom line, and it continues to hurt employees where it matters the most --their wallets.

"That's a lot of revenue that comes through that venue. We employ roughly 20 people. They have not had jobs."

"It's our responsibility to make sure community standards are upheld and the law is upheld, and that's what we're doing," Washington explains.

The date for the liquor license hearing hasn't been set at this point. The club remains closed until further notice.


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