Staff at Emory University Hospital now treating patient

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Now that Dr. Kent Brantly has arrived at Emory University Hospital, a team of Doctors and Nurses will work around the clock in a special isolation room to treat the side-effects of the Ebola Virus.

That room is one of only four in the country and part of the reason why Dr. Brantly was brought to Atlanta.

The room was created 12 years ago. It's essentially a mini-hospital, complete with a lab and anything else the medical team will need.

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"I can't think of a better place in the world, other than Emory University Hospital to care for this patient," said Dr. Jay Varkey with the Infectious Disease Unit at Emory Hospital.

Word spread last week that the two American citizens infected with the deadly Ebola virus would be coming to Emory University Hospital. But as Dr. Varkey puts it, the team has been training for years.

"We are ready.We are looking to trying to help this patient and assist his family in anyway possible," Dr. Varkey said, "the good news is the preparation goes beyond 48 hours. This is something we've been practicing for, for the 12 years our unit has been involved."

The special isolation room has been used in the past including in 2005 for patients with SARS.

The patient's family will not be able to visit him, but due to a glass partition and intercom, the family can watch and speak with the patient.


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