STL County Council tables diversity bill

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) – As we get closer to Election Day, the squabbles continue on county council.

The issue on Tuesday night? Minority inclusion in projects like the new Family Courts building.

"Behind us is a $115 million project absent of minority workers. Absent of female workers. Absent of local county workers. We are saying enough is enough," Yaphett El-Amin said.

CORE, the Congress for Racial Equality, was at Tuesday's council meeting demanding the passage of a bill sponsored by Councilwoman Hazel Ergy for more minority inclusion – a bill supported by County Executive Charlie Dooley.

The bill was ultimately tabled, and some insist the push is all about election grandstanding. Dooley says it's about diversity.

"What's hard to understand about?" he asked. "There's nothing difficult to understand about that. You got people positioning themselves where they normally wouldn't be positioning themselves."

"There was an executive order that contained many of these same things that really went unenforced by this administration since 2007, and we haven't heard anything about it, and suddenly 60 days before an election, he's brought this issue up," Steve Stenger countered.

Both Dooley and Stenger are running against one another for county executive. They believe there will be a minority inclusion consensus after the election in August.


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