Brown supporters block highway

ST. LOUIS - Michael Brown's family asked protesters to postpone an interstate blockade that was planned for today, but that didn't happen.

At 4:30 p.m., on Interstate 270 at W. Florissant Ave, protesters walked onto the interstate and impeded traffic. Their goal was to be on the roadway for four and a half minutes. The time symbolizes the four hours thirty minutes Brown's body was left in the street.

Brown supporter's shutdown westbound 270 for a few minutes until police arrived. It's unknown if anyone was arrested.

The highway is now open.

Members of the Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition had originally called for supporters to block the interstate. However, around 1 p.m., the group announced at a press conference it would no longer go through with its plans.

According to organizers, Michael Brown Sr. had met with Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson and Missouri Public Safety Director Dan Isom earlier in the day about the matter. Isom was appointed to his post by Governor Jay Nixon last week.

The Brown family's supporters told the press they felt it would be unfair to Isom to hold such a rally so early in his tenure.

"It was consensus that it would probably be in the best interest to postpone any actions on the part of protesting or marching or demonstrations to allow the newly appointed Director of Public Safety Dan Isom to get acclimated with the issues," said attorney Anthony Gray.

However, the group did not rule out a similar protest in the future. Leaders said they were still waiting on some of their demands to be met. They include the dismissal of Officer Darren Wilson from the Ferguson Police Department, and the replacement of Bob McCulloch as prosecutor in the Michael Brown case.

Another highway protest organized by a different group is scheduled to happen in the St. Louis area sometime next week.


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