Drivers say 'Stan Span' is a bumpy ride

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - It's been a month since the Stan Musial Veterans' Memorial Bridge opened, and some drivers say it's been a bumpy ride.

We took those complaints to the Missouri Department of Transportation. The project director for the bridge says this is the first he's heard of any complaints that the bridge is bumpy.

Fred Williams says he's driven across the bridge between 10 to 15 times. He tells us it's not the smoothest ride he's ever had, but it'll do.

"I might find one spot that's a little bumpy. I think where the concretes meet up together," Williams said.

We've heard about several complaints that that bridge is too bumpy for it to be brand new and so expensive. It cost more than $229 million.

"With that long a span, the bridge is in constant movement as you're constructing as far as the overlay, what you ride on," said MoDot Project Manager Randy Hitt.

Hitt defends the bridge's rideability.

"It's not going to be great like your interstates that you're accustomed to. so we kind of get spoiled with smooth riding interstates. You're going to feel a little bit of chatter on there, but it's a good sound structure," he said.

Fred Williams says it could be worse.

"It's just that one spot that I did feel. But I don't feel no potholes or nothing like that," he said.

And Hitt says he's heard a lot more good than bad about the newest link between Missouri and Illinois.

"So far, the bridge is doing everything we intended it to as far as traffic and pulling it off the other areas. So we're getting a lot of good feedback and people enjoying their trip across it," he said.

Make sure you check out our KSDK special on the four year journey to the bridge.

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