Tsunami warning issued after 8.2 earthquake near Chile

A major earthquake has struck off the coast of northern Chile. The United States Geological Survey says the earthquake was a magnitude 8.0. The Chilean Seismological Center has revised the earthquake to a magnitude 8.2.

A Tsunami Warning was initially issued for Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama, and a Tsunami Watch was issued for Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. By 9:45 p.m. CDT, all watches were cancelled, and only warnings for Chile and Peru remain for six hours. Hawaii is not expected to be affected by a tsunami.

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A tweet from The Weather Channel says a 6.3-foot tsunami has been reported at Pisagua, Chile, and a 5.6-foot tsunami at Isquique, Chile. Click here for a list of earliest arrival times of tsunami waves, if they occur.

The National Weather Service in Los Angeles says wave height in southern California should remain below one foot, and no tsunami products are expected.

The earthquake struck 61 miles northwest of Iquique, Chile at 8:46 p.m. local time (6:46 p.m. CDT), at a depth of 12.5 miles. According to the Associated Press, this area has been rattled by smaller quakes over the last two weeks.

CNN reports at least four aftershocks above a magnitude 5.0 have been reported since the main quake. NBC News reports at least two people are dead and three people are injured. Electricity and phone service is out in parts of the country.

Chile is along the Pacific "Ring of Fire," an area where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. The "Ring of Fire" stretches from southern Chile, up the western coast of Mexico, across the Aleutian trench, down the eastern coast of Japan, along the Marianas trench, and along the Tonga and Kermadec trenches.

In 1960 a magnitude 9.5 earthquake struck southern Chile, and is one of the largest recorded earthquakes in the world. Known as the "Great Chilean Earthquake," thousands of people were killed from the quake and following tsunamis. Hundreds of people died in 2010 after a magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck off the coast of central Chile, causing a Pacific Ocean-wide Tsunami Warning.

A video shared on YouTube shows someone watching CNN Chile with the sound of sirens and public speakers announcing a Tsunami Warning in the background:

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