Two fatal crashes happened in same spot

CHESTERFIELD (KSDK) - A west St. Louis County woman is calling a spot off Highway 40 a death trap. This, after a deadly crash this weekend happened in the exact same spot where her son died.

That spot is a ravine located between 40 and the outer road on the Timberlake Manor exit. Authorities are still looking into exactly what caused a man to crash into the ravine and die this weekend. At this point, they are not attributing his death specifically to the ravine. But after NewsChannel 5 aired the story about the crash we had several people contact us saying they believe that spot is very dangerous. One of those people was Sharon Krejci.

"It's a death trap, is what it comes down to," Krejci said.

It's a spot that claimed the life of her son, Andrew.

"Andrew was the most personable young man you have ever, ever, met," Krejci said.

Andrew was just 23 when he was driving home and dozed off while behind the wheel.

"He didn't have to die. Every one of us makes mistakes in our lives," Krejci said.

But one September night, as the highway veered slightly to the left, Andrew didn't. So, his car careened into the ravine, where it would stay for three days while his family searched frantically for him.

"I was driving over him on that first night going to work," Krejci said. "Because I didn't know that he was missing at that point."

Then on Saturday, another car was pulled from the same spot. The man inside was also killed. At this point, authorities haven't released his age or name.

And, though it's been more than 15 years since her son's death, Sharon says two deaths are too many, and believes there will be more.

"If the car could be stopped, the bags deployed, they'd be alive. I would hope they would be alive. But my son didn't have a chance," Krejci said.

So, she wants others to know about the hidden ravine, that to her, was only revealed after it claimed her son's life.

"We can't prevent bad things from happening. But [saving] one life and one more family from going through this, that's all we can do," Krejci said.

After Andrew's death, MODoT did add extra guardrails around the ravine. But, there is still a space where cars can get through. NewsChannel 5 called MODot on Sunday evening. But information about why there is a gap in the guardrails was not immediately available.


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