Violent school bus attack took just 30 seconds

Wilmington, Delaware (KSDK) -- School bus rides can be a terrifying experience for victims of bullying and the bus drivers are often limited in their ability to stop it.

A disturbing beating on a Wilmington, Delaware schoolbus was caught on tape. The 7-year-old girl was badly beaten by a bully for refusing to hand over her jellybeans. The assault took about 34 seconds, but left the victim with a concussion and other injuries.

The bus driver followed procedures and reported the incident as soon as the route ended.

The school district is investigating the attack and has added new cameras to the bus as a deterrent.

That disturbing scene could play out on any school bus in America, so NewsChannel 5 wanted to know how St. Louis-area school districts are prepared to deal with bullying on the bus.

NewsChannel 5 contacted more than a dozen districts from both the Illinois and Missouri side of the river. All of the districts had a policy in place, but it varied by district. Some put bus drivers though a training program.

The challenge is that bus drivers eyes must be on the road and catch everything, and the Delaware incident took just 30 seconds to happen.

It's important to tell your kids to say something to an adult if they are bullied on a school bus.


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