WATCH: Planes nearly collide in Barcelona

BARCELONA - In Barcelona, two planes came dangerously close to hitting each other.

Coming in for a landing: a Russian Boeing 767 on final approach at Barcelona's El Prat Airport. Suddenly, an Airbus A340 from Argentina crosses the runway right in front of it.

The Russian plane realizes the gap is narrowing, and decides to go around. It averts what apparently could have been a very close call.

"A go-around is not a lot of fun. I was on an airliner once landing at LaGuardia, and it was a similar situation that happened that happened just before we touched down and people were screaming on that airplane," said CNN aviation analyst Miles O'Brien.

An airport spokeswoman said there was no danger of a collision, and the YouTube video's perspective doesn't show that there was ample space between the planes. The authorities are investigating the incident nonetheless.

"The last person who could have avoided this from happening was the flight crew on the ground aircraft, who is responsible to look up in the air to look to see if there is any aircraft approaching before they try to cross the runway, and secondly the air traffic control should have made a warning saying look you need to stop and hold," said David Soucie, a former FAA safety inspector.

The incident comes days after two planes near Houston came closer than permitted.

Pilot: "We need to deviate."

Controller: "Do what you need to do, sir."

Pilot: "We're descending, Delta 2344."

And in April, two aircraft at JFK also came too close, likely within a half mile. There was a more serious near-collision at Newark Airport. One plane taking off, another landing, the two passing just 50 yards apart.

The FAA's latest figures show planes getting way too close to each other happens more than 4,000 times over the course of a year; 41 of them are described as "high risk" events.

So how serious could these dangers be?

In 1991, a collision at Los Angeles between a plane landing, and a plane on the runway, caused 34 deaths.

One possible factor in all these recent incidents: the growing number of flights.

"If we don't build more runways, we're just gonna see more and more of this," said O'Brien.


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