Water restored at mobile home park thanks to good samaritan

JEFFERSON COUNTY (KSDK) - It was just another Saturday morning meeting between some Jefferson County council members and the people in their districts. They talked about politics and people. Then they talked about a group of strangers.

Chairwoman Renee Reuter told them about her effort to help the residents at Woodhurst Mobile Home Park find other places to live. Their sewer was on the road to disconnection. The residents are going almost a month without water. The county would soon have no choice to but to evict them without water and working sewer.

"We have to do something else we can't just move these people," Bob Franks, a home builder, said.

He called his friend Lindell Lindsey at A&M Pump Inc.

"When I received a phone call, I remembered it," she said.

He'd installed a water pump at the mobile home park for owner Michael Bogad a year and a half ago.

Lindsey headed to the park. Franks followed. So did Reuter and Councilman Don Bickowski.

Within minutes, Lindsey knew what was wrong. It was a broken wire that was the power supply to the pump. A few minutes later, he had the pump working.

"Thank you, all you wonderful people, thank you, thank you so much," said Elizabeth Lindsey as she realized the water would finally be on. The miracle she prayed about was happening.

"I'm peeling my clothes off as fast as I can and I'm jumping in the shower," she said.

Lind and her neighbors at Woodhurst went without water for a month. They'd faithfully paid Bogad their rent checks for years. He didn't pay the sewer bill for months before he died last October. His long time partner Linda Staad started taking the residents' checks and didn't pay the bills either. She did not fix the water when the well stopped working. She died last Thursday. Nobody knows who's in charge of the park now.

Bickowski believes her death opens the door for "us to be able to step in and be protected under the good samaritan laws."

"This is all private citizens just doing the right thing ," Reuter said.

"God is good and he sends the people ," Lind said.

She believes her miracles came in all the people who felt they needed to do something for people who need at least one miracle. Their lawyer, John Ammann at St. Louis University Law School, is going to court next week to ask a judge to appoint somebody to manage the parks. The sewer company is working with him to come up with a plan to pay the bill.


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