Weather causing trouble for schools

KSDK - School districts across the area are dealing with problems related to weather.

The Edwardsville superintendent says his schools are staying closed because reopening them is not worth the risk. He says the main problem is due to all the rural roads. He had bus drivers test out their routes, he even tested it out himself, and everyone came to the same conclusion that it is still too dangerous.

School officials already used all of their five emergency snow days, so the Superintendent decided to extend the school year until May 28. He won't be extending the school year further if more snow hits the area.

He says he is optimistic school will resume Friday but will reassess the situation on Thursday.

"It's one of those things we can't control, but we are not going to put kids in harms way. We are not going to just try and live by a calendar and get the kids in school. Yes, we want them to be in school. Yes, it's a priority that they be in school that's what learning is all about having them in school but you can't force an issue when mother nature is not working with you and that's where we are right now," said Dr. Ed Hightower, the superintendent of Edwardsville Schools.

Officials with other districts like Fort Zumwalt and Ritenouer don't yet know when school will resume and how they will make up the days.


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