Backlash follows @DrPhil tweet

By Nischelle Turner, CNN

Dr. Phil is under fire after what his reps are calling an ill advised tweet.

He's the tough-talking TV doc who thrives on delving into the personal drama of others. Now, Dr. Phil McGraw is dealing with some unwanted controversy of his own.

On Tuesday a tweet posted on Dr. Phil's official Twitter account read, "If a girl is drunk, is it ok to have sex with her? Reply yes or no to @DrPhil"

The question, posted to provoke discussion for an upcoming episode of his show, sparked heated backlash online.

"So Dr Phil wonders when it's OK for a girl to be raped?" read one tweet.

"Dr Oz was saving lives today and Dr. Phil is trying to hook up with drunk girls where is Oprah she needs to have an emergency team meeting," said another.

Dr. Phil deleted the tweet as soon as he saw it, but not before a user captured it and started a petition asking Dr. Phil to apologize.

"So the idea of sort of collecting people's opinions on whether or not something is rape is a super invalidating way to talk about the problem of date rape and acquaintance rape and substance assisted rape," said Carmen Rios, who started the petition.

In a statement to CNN, a rep for The Dr. Phil Show said the tweet was an "ill advised" poll question, not written by the TV psychologist.

The quote added, "Dr. Phil believes that the position of those incapacitated in any fashion; be it drugs, alcohol, age or mental illness cannot and do not have the capacity to give their consent to anything, especially sex."

The rep adds Dr. Phil is very upset this happened. He joins a long list of other celebs who have learned the "careful what you tweet" lesson the hard way.


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