New 'Man of Steel' trailer puts the 'S' in Superman

Brian Truitt, USA TODAY

When is an "S" not an "S"? When it's part of an awesome Superman movie trailer.

Footage from Man of Steel has been filtered out slowly, from Comic-Con last July to more recent teasers, but a new trailer gives fans their best and most detailed look yet at what's in store for the latest cinematic Superman, played by Henry Cavill, before the movie release June 14.

Director Zack Snyder first shows off the far-off, high-tech planet of Krypton - and Superman's dad, Jor-El (Russell Crowe) - engaged in an all-out war before baby Supes is sent to Earth and his home world is destroyed. "Our hopes and dreams travel with you," Jor-El tells his infant son, Kal-El.

Growing up on his new world, Clark Kent learns he's different from all the other kids due to the powers he gets from the sun, and Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) warns him that he'll be seen as different though young Clark just wants to keep on pretending he's his adopted dad's son.

Cut to bearded adult Clark working wonders and keeping people safe with his super strength and abilities, and reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams) trying to get to the bottom of who this guardian angel is.

Along with the epic shots of Superman in his full garb at the Fortress of Solitude and jumping into outer space and flying into orbit, fans will get their first real taste of villainous General Zod (Michael Shannon), a Kryptonian in full-on psycho mode who's come to Earth with a posse to find Superman and, if need be, destroy the planet in the process.

The trailer showcases exciting action sequences between Superman and Zod, but also a great interaction between Superman and Lois (who, if you've read some of the comics over the past 75 years, are often a romantic item).

"What does the 'S' stand for?" she says after he's been arrested, referring to the larger letter on his costume. "On my world it means hope," he responds, smiling, causing Lois to retort: "Well, here it's an 'S.'"

She almost calls him Superman before being interrupted, but no need: He's then seen punching a bad guy in midair so we know he's super indeed.


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