Wolf pups rescued, recuperating from wildfire

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - For these five young wolf pups at the Alaska Zoo, naptime is only interrupted by meal time.

The pups are about 2 weeks old and are fed every three hours.

On Thursday, they downed 50 grams of puppy formula, that's twice as much as they ate the day before.

Right now it's just recuperation for them from the ordeal they've been through and gaining their strength, getting dehydrated and getting their energy levels up.

Fire crews on the Kenai found the orphaned pups in their den, and rescued them from the fire lines.

The little ones would have likely starved to death.

"Here we've actually pulled something from the smoldering ashes here and maybe some good's going to come out of all this," Patrick Lampi, executive director of the Alaska Zoo, said.

That good might be difficult to see through all the destruction.

The Funny River fire has claimed the lives of wildlife, but biologists say lush habitats will later grow.

That razes mature forests, which aren't very productive for wildlife, and it allows regenerative new growth to come up, which is needed by moose, hares, grouse, all of those kind of critters.

Some wildlife have taken refuge from the fire, by burrowing in their dens, or abandoning their homes altogether.

Critters that aren't little newborns, that are able to get up and move, will generally go somewhere else.

That's why this survivor story is so special.

The pups were also injured by a porcupine that probably crawled into their den to escape the fire.

They're eating well but this issue with these quills is an unknown.

Each time they're fed, keepers give them a full exam and are still pulling out quills.

They can wreak havoc on their internal organs and even kill them.

Zookeepers are giving them around-the-clock care to get them healthy again.

After a rough few days, finally a safe haven.


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