Couple offering reward, using social media to find rings

The quest to find a set of missing wedding rings ramps up in Forest Park.

ST. LOUIS - A Kansas City couple is on a desperate search to find wedding rings lost at LouFest in Forest Park. Now they're turning to social media for help.

Melissa Kazmi and her husband loved the event enough to drive from Kansas City for what she hoped would be an amazing birthday celebration. She says her wedding rings may be material possessions, but it's the powerful memories attached that can never be replaced 

"I love the festival because it's so family friendly and also music friendly," Kazmi said.

Like every year, The LouFest drew in hundreds over the weekend.

"I was really drawn to towards LCD Soundsystem," she said.

Photos: Sunday at LouFest 2016

During a part of the festival Sunday, Kazmi's weekend took a downward spiral. She and her husband were sitting in lawn chairs beside the main stage when Kasmi removed her set of wedding rings.

"I took it off to put sunscreen on, actually my husbands ears because they started to burn, and put it in my cup holder," where Kazmi says she left them by mistake.

Moments later, she and her husband packed their lawn chairs and moved to the next stage when the rings fell to the ground.

"Here I am hysterically crying trying to look through my tears," she said.

"We covered a lot of ground and we think we would've found it," her husband Jaffer Kazmi added.

Others joined in to help the couple search for hours but were unsuccessful. Kazmi returned to Kansas City Monday left with a ringless finger and tons of memories.

Photos: Saturday at LouFest 2016

"Being able to carry it with you every day and remembering those times when he proposed," she said.

"We think there's a really good chance somebody found them," Jaffer Kazmi said. 

For the person who may have taken her rings.

"If you can find it in your hearts of heart to return those to me, it would mean the world," she said.

Jaffer Kazmi has placed a picture of his wife's wedding rings on the LouFest Facebook page and Craig's list. 

The couple is offering a $500 reward to the person who finds them. LouFest is also offering two LouFest 2017 VIP tickets to anyone who finds the ring. 




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