Wookies waltz through the French Quarter

NEW ORLEANS (KSDK) – As Master Yoda once said, "An equal opportunity party, Mardi Gras is." So perhaps it's no wonder that Star Wars fans got involved faster than the Millennium Falcon can make a Kessel run (that's less than 12 parsecs, by the way).

The "Krewe of Chewbacchus" walked the streets of the French Quarter Saturday night.

Their costumes seemed to get plenty of attention… enough attention for them to go "Arrrggghhhhhh." The force was clearly strong with this Krewe.

If you don't have a bad feeling about Mardi Gras here in St. Louis, you can check out our guide here: http://on.ksdk.com/Kyebtb.

And to watch the Chewbaccas walk, click on the video above.


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