Here's What I Know: Why did Matt Adams get a raise?

In case you didn't notice, the rain that is falling right now may freeze. Boom! It's always pertinent to start a stream of consciousness off with a blunt assessment of weather. I don't make the big bucks of a meteorologist, but I call it how I see it.

Every Friday, I'll sit down at the KSDK desk(it's a swivel chair that spins for the record), and unleash a few random thoughts. Sports, entertainment, home life, and of course, the weather. Let's keep going before you click out of this and watch the Food Network. 

A few words on Matt Adams

He got a raise yesterday, and it came in the form of 1.2 million additional Washington's. His 2017 salary will be $2.8 million, and he will back up Matt Carpenter.

Adams will never be the player fans initially projected him to be, but he can slug in reserve and that's not cheap. He hit more home runs 2016(16) in less games(118) than he did in 2014(15 homers in 142 games). Adams can field first, and come off the bench. He even hit .283 against lefties in 2016, Who cares if it was only 46 ABs. It's called a slow build.

I don't care that Adams lost weight, because he's done it before. He will never be a gem of a ballplayer, but the Cards have spent 2.8 million in worse ways(Hey there Ty Wigginton). 

The Rams hired Sean McVay

The Rams hired the 30-year-old former OC of Washingon to be their head coach in 2017, and I feel like Switzerland here. Part of me thinks it's a fine gamble by a low-rent franchise to bring in a coordinator who helped Washington put up a lot of points, and the other part of me knows it's the Rams and they don't do anything right.

McVay is the youngest NFL head coach hire in history, and will likely spend the first three years wondering what the heck he did to deserve this.

Let's look at it from an outsider's view. The Rams need to score more points, and McVay did that well in Washington. It will take time, but he isn't a terrible hire and he surely can do a better job than Jeff "Overcooked skin" Fisher.

Sean, it's a lot like the hotel in "The Shining" at first. You enter civil-minded and clear-headed, and then things get really weird.

Good luck, and that doesn't even include Jared Goff. 

"Patriots Day"

This is a is a potent reminder that true stories can be done right if the right director gets his hands on the material. After three hits in a row, I sit here and wonder what former Great White Hype Peter Berg will do next?

*Update on the weather, according to the wife: The South City roads are adequate, but the highways are getting slushy on the outer banks. Be careful and pull over completely to finish reading this column. 

The Winter Warm-up on Saturday has been canceled

Sunday and Monday are in jeopardy. The media — including yours truly — may not get to ask Dexter Fowler for the tenth time why he chose the Cardinals or ask Jedd Gyorko if he can hit 30 home runs again.

It's a fine place for fans and folks to get together, but there's no need to force it. There will be seven-to-eight long months to quiz these players on standard protocol.


People ask me all the time why I drink so much coffee, so let me tell you. I like the taste, consistency, and feeling it provides. I don't really do it to wake up, because it doesn't work unless it's stronger than steel. I can make a cup of coffee at ten o'clock at night, and be in bed by eleven.

I drink it for the joy, and not for what it's supposed to do. A mood boost, plain and simple. If you can make a good latte(the milk and espresso balance are key), I may get out the ice skates and come over tonight.

What's wrong with selfies?

I'd say if you look good and want to document it, fire up a selfie. The Debbie Downers can worry all they want. You show me a fine filter, a good angle, solid background, and I'll bend the camera horizontal and grab 25 likes in Instagram. The little things in life, baby.

Donald Trump takes office in a week.

This is not a drill, nor is it a reality show. Trump won the election, and looked like a whiny teenager at his first press conference since winning the election. He snubbed CNN questions, and blamed Russia. Donald, that is so 2005 bro. Rewind brother. 

The Blues don't stink.

They simply aren't as good as fans would prefer after last spring's playoff push. You get within a few wins of the Stanley Cup Finals, and proceed to sleepwalk through the offseason without making any moves, and guess are having an average season in January.

There's no savior this year. Vladimir Tarasenko is doing everything he can, and no one else is capable of throwing this team on their back. The logical fans could see this coming over the summer. If they make the playoffs, be happy.

They are 21-21(forgo the weak OT loss column) and barely holding off the Nashville Predators and Los Angeles Kings. Don't hold your breath on a comeback.

If you think David Backes couldn't help this team, I don't know what to tell you.

He is a two way player, 20-goal scorer guaranteed, tough as nails, and a born leader. How are the Blues looking without him right now? Backes is a Hitchcock prototype. Nice going, Doug Armstrong.

The Chargers are moving to Los Angeles

They will lose a ton of cash playing in a 30,000 body capacity Stubhub stadium before sharing Stan Kroenke's monstrosity. I don't know if I should buy Dean Spanos a drink or hit him over the head with the bottle. 

If you need a drinking buddy, San Diego, I'll be your Doug. Spanos is paying $800 million to move into Stan's house instead of 400 million to stay. Love the inept thinking out west.

*Weather Update: I nearly went down for the count when taking the recycling out. The steps and I nearly collided. I was close to going down. The ice is for real

Best of the rest

What else is fit to print before Friday hits its stride and the patience on the road begins to die? 

  • Call your grandparents more. My last grandparent is in the hospital, and I don't call her enough. 
  • Brush your teeth. That way when you go to the dentist, the nerves may not be present.
  • A good steak is better than the best prepared chicken, but you'll live longer with more of the latter.
  • Stella Artois is as smooth as it gets, but Tank 7 is easily my favorite beer off tap. Urban Chestnut's Apotheosis is also divine. 
  • Stop hating on people. Nobody likes a grump. Smiles are optional. Just be happy. Some people would be glad to have a few more days. 

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