Docs: March Madness just the time for a vasectomy

2:09 PM, Mar 15, 2011   |    comments
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USA TODAY -- Been looking for a (legitimate) excuse to get out of work for the first two days of the NCAA tournament?

How about a vasectomy?

No, seriously ...

Some urologists are taking advantage of the season, advertising that the beginning of March Madness is the best time to have the procedure done, according to the American Medical News.

"It's gotten a few guys in the door," said Keith McLeod, administrator of three-physician Northeast Georgia Urological Associates in Gainesville, Ga., which started its tournament-related marketing in 2009. Northeast Georgia's marketing materials note that getting a vasectomy before the tournament is a great way for men "to get waited on hand and foot" while they're watching sports.

"But more importantly, it's gotten us noticed. We've got a little more name recognition around the community. We're having fun with a common, safe procedure. I find that urologists are very humorous and creative when it comes to this stuff."

Some urologists are even offering free delivery pizza coupons and sports magazines as 'survival kits' given to patients after the procedure.

The Oregon Urology Institute started marketing vasectomies around the tournament in 2008. The institute's administrator at the time wanted to let men know that the pleasure of laying on the couch and enjoying two days of hoops overshadowed the "perceived" pain from the procedure.

As if that's not good enough, head over to the Urology Team in Austin, Texas, and get your vasectomy done by Richard Chopp, MD. Then leave with a shirt that says 'I got Chopped at the Urology Team'

The office reported that in 2009, when it started promoting around the tournament, it saw a 40% rise in vasectomy business.

Maybe they're on to something. Just don't count me in.

-- Tim Gardner


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