Finding Jeff Fisher

8:10 PM, May 4, 2012   |    comments
Jeff Fisher. (Getty Images Sport)
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By Katie Felts NewsChannel 5 Sports

St. Louis (KSDK) - The NFL draft is over but Jeff Fisher's work with the Rams is just beginning. He takes over a team that's had the worst five year span in NFL history.

Fisher believes he brings experience and a new perspective to Rams Park.

Like most coaches in the NFL, Jeff Fisher works long hours.

He arrives with the sun and leaves after it sets.

But it was a year away from the field that gave Fisher a reason to fill his life with playbooks again.

What's on your to do list?

"I'm going to go back in the draft room," said Fisher.

It's the day before the draft and Fisher's been on the job since January.

Take a glimpse at his office, "haven't done anything," said Fisher.

And you quickly realize he's only thinking about football.

"You're welcome to come back in a month from now it's going to look a lot different."

He's consumed by football and mostly confined to Rams Park.

"My experience here is airport, Clayton, facility."

Wanna get away? Not Fisher, he did that, he took a year off from coaching before becoming the Rams' head coach.

"My youngest son was playing at Auburn and so I wanted to be a dad go watch him play. That would have been the highlight to go down to watch home games go various road games watch SEC football with the hat on backwards as a dad," he said.

When he wasn't cheering he was climbing. Roughing it through rain forests and arctic terrain up Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

"Most climbs are designed to reach the summit at sunrise we climbed all night," he said.

A six hour climb that started at midnight.

"We get to the summit the world was starting to get light, hard to describe it, very emotional experience," said Fisher.

A man who knows everything about football learned something from the men he made the climb with, a group of war veterans, the Wounded Warriors.

"When you attempt to do something like that and you start off and you're hiking for an hour worrying if you're going to get a blister for six days and look ahead and watch two single amputees with prosthetic legs walking ahead of you, there's no worries," he said.

He watched his son play college football he's climbed a 20,000 foot mountain, but there's one feat Fisher has yet to conquer.

"It's the Lombardi trophy. It's pretty simple. Been doing it a long time, got close as our fans will remember," said Fisher.

He won a Super Bowl as a player with Chicago in 1985. But it would be hard to beat winning with a team that's brought his coaching career and a childhood full circle.

"I grew up in Los Angeles. I grew up as a Rams fan, grew up watching Jack Snow, Merlin Olson and Eddie Metter," he said.

What people in St. Louis will remember is 1999.

"That year we played them twice and we ended up splitting with them wish we would have split the other way I'd have given them the regular season game," said Fisher.

He is a man with a mission. And if it means closing himself off to everything but football, "I took plenty of time off," Fisher said with a chuckle.

It's okay, he's seen the world around him.


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