Edwin Penfold, Carol Penfold cheering on different teams

8:47 PM, Oct 19, 2012   |    comments
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The Penfold's dueling Build-a-Bears.

By Tracy Clemons

St. Louis (KSDK) - The National League Championship Series means one St. Louis house divided. Edwin and Carol Penfold are happily married, but they're split on the NLCS.

"I'm a transplant from California," said Edwin. "I came here six years ago and I'm a Giants fan. Born and raised in California and I just love the Giants, no matter what. And then I married a lifelong St. Louisan who's a Cardinals fan."

They even have dueling Build-a-Bears. Edwin says he's a Cardinals fan except when they play the Giants. Every time the Giants come to Busch, he's decked out in his Giants gear.

"We just came through a crowd and everyone was like 'Great but too bad you're gonna lose.' It's all fun and games," he said.

He says he's predicted from the beginning that the series would go seven games. And he flew in from a quick vacation just in time to try to cheer his Giants a step closer to that Game 7.

"My boss gave me tickets," Carol said. "So I was gonna surprise him when he got off the plane with them, but I couldn't wait because I had them Monday so I had to tell him."

Carol and Edwin may be a house divided, but to them it's a good laugh.

"I think it's fun. People stare at him and they make fun of him. And when the Cardinals do really really well, he just sits there and pouts. So I think it's great," said Carol.

"I'm good at pouting once in a while, but every game I've been to, my Giants win," Edwin added.

"Oh yeah that's true. We were here in the summer," returned Carol.


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