Firefighters claim victory over police in annual Guns 'N Hoses event

5:58 AM, Nov 22, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - As they have for 25 years before this night, firefighters and police officers went toe to toe inside the ropes Wednesday night; all for a good cause.

When folks check the record books for the 2012 event, they'll find the firefighters doused the hopes and dreams of the police officer combatants by a 12-8 tally.

Police officers got the early jump winning the opening bout, only to see the firefighters take the next three events.  The battling continued with the two agencies trading victories throughout most of the remaining bouts, until the firefighters buried the men in blue by taking the final four confrontations.

The 26th Annual Guns 'N Hoses, benefits BackStoppers, the organization that supports the families of first responders lost in the line of duty.

But before the fireworks came waterworks for many, with the tradition of honoring those lost in the last year with boxing's 'ten count.'

And this year: a special tribute, led by pro football Hall of Famer Jackie Smith, to the man credited with bringing Guns 'N Hoses and all the money it raises to the BackStoppers organization, Jerry Clinton.

Watch the video player above for Casey Nolen's story.


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