Why isn't TMZ covering the MLB Winter Meetings?

7:36 AM, Dec 5, 2012   |    comments
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(The Chirp) -- I'm surprised TMZ isn't covering the MLB Winter Meetings.  Actually, I'm not really sure what TMZ is.  Is it a show, a network?  All I know is my kids know all about it because that is where the are getting their latest information concerning every rumor floating around Hollywood.  So rumor reporting is clearly hot, so allow me to cash in.

Because reporting on rumor becomes the new normal when it come to coverage from the Winter Meetings.  TMZ would be on 24/7 with all the rumors flying around the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

So to get up to speed on the latest concerning the hometown team, I turn to our partners under the new banner that is the USA Today Sports Media Group, and our friends and MLB Trade Rumor.com

Rumor #1: The Dodgers are interested in Skip Schumaker.  Yes, the Cards are willing to part with Schumaker.  Today, we did a phone interview with John Mozeliak who said this was true.  You can hear it here.

Rumor #2: The Cardinals are intereted in Marco Scutaro.  Yes the same Marco Scuturo who was on the receiving end of Matt Holliday's late slide in the NLCS.  MLB Trade Rumor.com is quoting a tweet from ESPN' Buster Olney that "A source involved in the Scutaro talks thinks it's 50-50 he goes back to the Giants.  But that the Cardinals are considered the mostly likely alternative.  But if you listen to Mozeliak's interview, he clearly states that the health of Rafael Furcal has changed the game plan of finding expensive help up the middle.

Tomorrow will be a new day, filled with new and better rumors.  Stay tuned!


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