Controversial boxer Mike Tyson talks to Rene about his one man show

4:12 PM, Apr 4, 2013   |    comments
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(KSDK Sports) -- He's the former heavy weight champion of the world but when Mike Tyson comes to town tomorrow he's going to be out of the ring and off the stage.

Our Rene Knott spent some time on the phone today with Tyson, who is easily one of the more controversial figures, ever, in the world of sports.

Mike Tyson has been to prison.  He's been the boxing champion of the world.   He's lost millions and has lived a life with more ups and downs than any ride at any amusement park in the world.

Tyson is now gving people an inside look at it all in his "show."  The performance is what he calls a series of "dynamic" stories.

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