Pujols memories put in perspective

9:55 AM, Jul 2, 2013   |    comments
Albert Pujols
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(The Chirp) -- Sports on Earth's Will Leitch writes today

Last year, while watching the Cardinals-Giants NLCS at the fan bar Foley's in midtown New York, our group of 150-plus Cardinals fans began lustily booing the television screen.

Cardinals fans aren't booers by nature, but this guy had gotten under our skin. After the Cardinals had taken the lead in Game Four, the FOX camera had caught a Cardinals fan in the upper deck of Busch Stadium carrying a sign that read, "PUJOLS WHO?"

Our reaction was immediate and unequivocal. Had he been standing in front of us, someone would have bonked him with a bat.

We weren't booing Albert Pujols. We were booing the fan. We were booing what was and is still sort of an open wound. What bothered Cardinals fans about the guy with the sign was not that we didn't miss Pujols, or that we did. It's that we don't know yet. The sign guy was playing into a narrative that outsiders believe exists, but we're not sure about.

Tonight, Albert Pujols will take his first ever at-bat against the St. Louis Cardinals. The game is in Anaheim, not St. Louis, and it's not starting until 10 pm, so it's not going to be as emotional as it would have been if the Cardinals were at home. But it's going to be strange. The reunion is a couple of seasons earlier than I suspect most Cardinals fans would like it to be. We're not quite ready.

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