Cardinals, Blues, Oktoberfest keep beer brewers extra busy

7:33 PM, Oct 2, 2013   |    comments
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By Grant Bissell

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Baseball, brats, hockey - it seems like beer goes with just about everything in St. Louis. And the month of October is proving to be a very busy one for local brewers.

On Thursday night thousands of fans will flood downtown and many will wash down a Cardinals game with a bubbly brew.

But just how much extra work does a playoff series mean for local breweries?

A spokesman for the locally owned Schlafly brewery says right now might be the busiest he's ever seen it. The brewery is making so much beer there's barely enough room to store it all until it's shipped out to area restaurants and bars.

Of course, that also means distributors are extra busy right now.

Mitch Turner of Major Brands Distributing says drivers are delivering hundreds of extra kegs and cases on a daily basis just to satisfy everyone's thirst.

"This time of year is special," said Turner. "The weather gets nicer, the Cardinals are in the playoffs, the Blues start playing and everything starts coming together. So then brewers start working late into the night running third shifts in the brewhouse. But that stuff's been rolling for months and months getting ready for this time of year in St. Louis."

To add to the chaos, Turner says this is event season. So, Schlafly is also making extra beer for things like Oktoberfest.


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